About us

We offer you immense opportunities to promote your institutions’ names through sponsorships and collaborations. There are many options by which you can make your institutions as part of our events. Depending on the value of sponsorships, back-stage materials, publicity materials, information brochure, badges, direction arrows, mementos, writing pads, pens, conference kits, refreshment packs and certificates with your institutions’ names printed on them may be brought in for the promotions.

In addition, the institutions concerned may also select resource persons for the conferences, shortlist candidates for the various awards instituted by ASERD and also publish the research articles in our edited volumes of books and journals at considerable rates.


ASERD works for the integration of intellectual ideas across the globe to accelerate innovations and produce quality human beings.


ASERD is keen on provoking the thoughts of the academicians in diverse fields.

What we do at ASERD?

  • Journals Publications.
  • Book Publications.
  • Conference / Seminar/ Workshop.
  • Research & Development
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